Is Keith G. Ryan, DC a Chiropractor or the Spinal Mechanic of Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Keith Ryan
Mechanics and worried spouses in Tulsa frequently admonish us that preventative maintenance prevents breakdowns.  I always understood this for cars, but I failed to apply this wisdom to the ultimate high-performance vehicle—my body.  I rely on my spinal mechanic, Dr. Keith G. Ryan, for maintenance adjustments and learned what happens when you take your chiropractic health for granted.

In recent years, I have missed too many opportunities to exercise in Tulsa.  (I seldom missed a trip to the buffet table.)  The bottom line is that I stopped maintaining my body.  At the same time, I stopped my regular maintenance visits to Dr. Keith Ryan, my Chiropractor.  At first, things were fine.  I am, after all, one of the invincible heroes of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One day I sneezed.  This was no ordinary sneeze.  This sneeze would have blown down any house in Tulsa.  As the hurricane winds from my sneeze destroyed the Oklahoma landscape, I felt a zinging sensation shoot across my sciatic.  My knees collapsed and down I went.  The pain was excruciating and I couldn’t stand.  I crawled to a clear area of the room and stretched as best as my hips allowed.  I had thought I was too busy to see Dr. Keith Ryan, and now my high-performance vehicle had broken down and left me stranded.

Fortunately, I did maintain my car, so I was able to drive to Keith G. Ryan, D.C., a chiropractic office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and start the spinal repairs.  I don’t enjoy pain and was mindful of the need for regular chiropractic maintenance as a way to avoid pain and be ready to embrace all of the opportunities available in Oklahoma.

When you think about it, a car can be neglected and replaced.  Our bodies can be neglected, but they are a little harder to replace.  Chiropractic care is nothing to sneeze at, and Keith G. Ryan, D.C., is the spinal mechanic specialist in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Get a check up on your back.  Let Dr. Keith G. Ryan keep your high-performance machine tuned up and ready to speed down the fast lanes of Tulsa.

Ernest Raynor, Ed. D.

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