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invisa-RED™ Technology for Inch Loss

invisa-RED™ is the only FDA cleared, IRB and CLINICALLY proven device to provide weight reduction, fat reduction and inch loss. It is the latest innovation in body slimming technology that can be used to shorten the time it takes to reach your desired weight loss goal. Treatments are safe, non-invasive, and a painless alternative to traditional fat reduction procedures. Each session removes up to an inch of unwanted fat from any problem area. Treatments are ideal for both men and women, eliminating the fatty areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.

invisa-RED™  is currently the ONLY technology that is effective at reducing cellulite, stretch mark fading and body contouring, all in one machine.

Services Offered

  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Stretch Mark Fading
  • Skin Tightening
  • Spot Specific Body Contouring

Treatments are relaxing, painless, quick and effective with INSTANT RESULTS you will see with each and every session.

HOW invisa-RED™ WORKS:

invisa-RED™  uses advanced laser technology to target areas of unwanted fat. The treatment works by stimulating cellular respiration, improving lymphatic function, and increasing your metabolism. This causes our body to “burn fat for fuel”. You will even shed these pounds without additional diet and exercise. Activation of both the lymphatic system and metabolism are essential for achieving substantial weight loss in inches and pounds. Your body will even continue to break down fat after each treatment!

In a double blind research trial (NCT03811093), participants who were exposed to the invisa- RED™ technology, experienced an almost 2% reduction in body fat percentage that equated to an average loss of 4.5 lbs of body fat and lost an average of 10+ inches. This was over the course of 9 treatments and NO diet, exercise, injections or supplementation occurred during the clinical trial. No adverse reactions were reported and the success rate was 100% for inch loss.

Common Treatment Areas

invisa-RED™ is FDA cleared for any part of the body excluding the face

Therapeutic Effects of invisa-RED™ Therapy

Increases Blood Flow
Increases Metabolism
Reduces Stress
Relaxes Muscles
Stimulates Collagen Production

Are you ready to make your weight loss dream a reality? Are you ready for INSTANT results you will see with each and every session? We are ready to help you BE U Again!

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